General Terms and Conditions of Sale to Retailers

(Applicable to all deliveries on or after 1 September 2019)

1. General provisions

1.1. These general conditions of sale govern the sales contracts entered into between the Customer and Camoin Ltd, if the Customer is a retailer in the distribution chain.

1.2. Any delivery of order implies the buyer's acceptance of these terms of sale without reservation.

1.3. The sales of Camoin Ltd are carried out with retention of title, the transfer of ownership being expressly subordinated to the full payment of the price (article L 624.16 of the Commercial Code and articles 2367 and following of the Civil Code). In addition, the Customer bears, from their expedition, the risks associated with the books and products, the care and the preservation of which he must provide his care.

1.4. Customers will be informed of any changes to these terms of sale before their introduction.

1.5. Any clause written on purchase orders or correspondence received from the Customer can not derogate from these general conditions of sale.

1.6. Camoin Ltd reserves the right to refuse to sell to a Professional Client without having to justify it, whether this Customer is new or has previously purchased from Camoin Ltd.

2. Opening and account tracking

2.1. The Customer must open an account with Camoin Ltd before his orders are taken into account. To open an account, the Customer must be a professional (bookseller, retailer, ...) and must provide elements to identify it: type of point of sale (bookstore, store, virtual bookstore, ...), signboard commercial, commercial register, VAT number, if European, GENCOD identifier.

2.2. In the event of a change of control of the share capital of the Client or of the sale of all or part of his business or business, the new shareholder or the transferee must request the opening of a new account.

3. Rates and payments

Our conditions apply to all orders delivered to a single address and billed to a single account.

3.1. Price

The selling price of the books is based on the publisher's pre-tax price, less the price reductions associated with the Customer.

3.2. Payment deadlines / payment terms

Payments are made by bank transfer. Transfers must be credited to Camoin Ltd's account no later than the due date, or the preceding business day if the due date is not a business day. No discount is granted for an advance payment.
When opening an account, the first order must be paid in full to the order.
Failure to pay on the due date will automatically result in the Customer being charged a late interest equal to the interest rate of the European Central Bank calculated from its most recent update compared to the due date of the invoice, plus 10 percentage points based on the number of days late, (the resulting interest rate can not be less than 3 times the legal interest rate). The sum of these default interests will be increased by a fixed allowance of 40 euros per invoice for recovery costs.
Any default on payment by the Customer may result in the suspension of deliveries or sales. It may result in the immediate payment of all sums due and payable by the Customer to Camoin Ltd.

3.3. In progress

Given the payment period granted to customers and the resulting large outstanding amount, Camoin Ltd may limit the amount outstanding to the Customer or require a cash payment in case of doubt about the Customer's solvency or in case of opening to benefit to the client of a judicial reorganization, safeguard, or conciliation procedure. The outstanding amount includes all amounts due and due, including outstanding orders.
If an order containing a product has not yet been paid, any new order containing the same product does not can be honored.

4. Expeditions

4.1. Whatever the mode of shipping, the books and products travel at the risk of the Customer. A contribution to the transportation costs will be charged to the customer.

4.2. Any order, if stock availability, will be shipped within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of the order. No delay in delivery shall give rise to damages, penalties or cancellation of orders in progress.

4.3. For any shipment outside mainland France and Benelux, the Customer must purchase a loss of parcel insurance from the carrier through Camoin Ltd.

5. Returns

As far as books are concerned, we do not offer news services. All books are sold in a firm account. The returned books or products will not be credited, nor the return costs that the Client would have paid.

6. Claims

6.1. Products shipped or removed are deemed to be in perfect condition for resale. In the event of a defective delivery, the Customer must send a complaint by email or by FAX, within 3 working days of receipt of the products. In the event that a product has a hidden and recognized defect, Camoin Ltd's warranty is limited to the free replacement of defective products, to the exclusion of any other indemnity.

6.2. The Customer must check the condition of the packages before giving discharge to the carrier. In the event of damage or missing products, it is the Customer's responsibility to enter precise and complete reservations on the transport documents. These will be confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the carrier, within three working days of receipt; a copy will be sent to Camoin Ltd by email within the same period. Otherwise, the Customer will lose all rights to compensation against the carrier and against Camoin Ltd.

6.3. Any claim in relation to invoices, assets or statements, or books and products, must be made in writing with copies of the supporting documents. It must reach Camoin Ltd within eight days of the date of dispatch of the invoices, credit notes and statements or the receipt of the parcels. Failing these parts will be considered definitive.

6.4. In the event of dispute of all or part of an invoice, the Customer can not postpone the payment of all or part of this invoice, except prior written agreement of Camoin Ltd.

7. Legal modification of the Client

In the event that the status of the Client's company goes into sale of business, free management, change of manager or cessation of business, all amounts owed by the Client would become immediately due. In each of the preceding cases, the commercial conditions attributed to a Customer must be renegotiated.

8. Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to these general conditions of sale will be brought before the Commercial Court of Malta.

9. Legal information

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The Malta VAT number of Camoin Ltd is MT25824830.

The French VAT number of Camoin Ltd is FR55852498062. It is used for shipments departing from France.

10. Contact

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